The Firework Code

Before they explode, know the fireworks safety code:

Millions of people throughout many centuries have enjoyed fireworks. Accidents can happen with anything though – anytime, anywhere. Don’t let it happen to you with fireworks, because the consequences of carelessness with fire can be devastating.

The guidelines for a safe fireworks party are very simple to observe:
• Do not buy fireworks from UNLICENCED retailers.
• These fireworks may be unsafe and illegal.
• Only buy fireworks that comply with current safety standards. *
• Always keep fireworks in a closed box.
• Take them out one at a time and close the box.
• Never put fireworks in your pocket.
• Be considerate. Let your neighbours know you will be having a display, especially if they are elderly or they have pets or children.
• Avoid setting fireworks off late at night, particularly if it is a school-night.
• Ensure your pets are safe.
• Carefully follow the instructions on EACH firework.
• Never go back to a lit firework unless the instructions advise otherwise.
• Never throw fireworks; it is dangerous.
• Light fireworks one at a time, at the end of the fuse, and at arm’s length.
• Light sparklers one at a time and wear suitable gloves, even when lighting them.
• Never give sparklers to a child under the age of 5.
• Never throw spent fireworks on a bonfire.

* All fireworks supplied by BFA members are tested to conform to the current safety standards.
If you require more information, contact the seller or any member of the BFA.


The Law
The law says you must not set off or throw fireworks (including sparklers) in the street or other public places.

You must not set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am, except for:
• Bonfire Night, when the cut off is midnight
• New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, when the cut off is 1am

Sparkler Safety
Did you know that sparklers get five times hotter than cooking oil?  Sparklers are not toys and should never be given to a child under 5.

Be Safe NOT Sorry
Having fireworks at home can be great fun, as long as they are used safely. Follow our simple steps to make sure your display is safe and fun.
Fireworks are safe if you use them properly. If you’re putting on a home display, you should follow some simple steps to make sure that everyone has a good time without getting hurt. Keep kids safe!

We want children to enjoy fireworks but they need to know that they can be dangerous if they are not used properly. Each year, over half of all firework injuries are suffered by children. The Child Accident Prevention Trust have more guidance on keeping kids safe.

Setting them off
Only one person should be in charge of fireworks. If that’s you, then make sure you take all the necessary precautions. Read the instructions in daylight and don’t drink any alcohol until they’ve all been discharged. Make your prepare in advance, and in daylight. On the night, you will need…
a torch
a bucket or two of water
eye protection and gloves
a bucket of soft earth to put fireworks in
suitable supports and launchers if you’re setting off catherine wheels or rockets

Protect your pets
You should take precautions to protect your pets during the times of the year when fireworks are likely to be set off.