Smoke Grenade – Pink

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Smoke Grenade – Pink Daytime Smoke with Ring Pull Ignition

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Smoke Grenade – Pink Daytime Smoke with Ring Pull Ignition

Introducing our dynamic Smoke Grenades – the perfect way to add excitement and creativity to any occasion! Whether revealing your baby’s gender, celebrating love at a wedding, or enhancing Airsoft games, these grenades bring a kaleidoscope of colour and fun.

Designed for versatility and safety, our Smoke Grenades offer a spectrum of eye-catching hues, from electric blues to fiery oranges.

Ideal for gender reveals, announce the upcoming addition to your family with bursts of pink, blue, or purple for mystery. At weddings, add magic to photos or create a stunning exit for the newlyweds, leaving vibrant memories in the air.

Choose your colour to symbolise unity, love, or a cause close to your heart, turning gatherings into captivating spectacles. For Airsoft enthusiasts, strategically deploy grenades to obscure movements, confuse opponents, and add excitement to matches. Capture the flag games just got more colourful with no doubt about the victorious team!

Safety is our top priority, and our Smoke Grenades are crafted with high-quality materials, adhering to strict safety standards. The easy-to-handle pull-ring ignition system ensures a memorable experience without compromising well-being.

Make your moments unforgettable, express yourself boldly, and infuse colour into any event with Smoke Grenades – because life is more exciting when painted in every imaginable shade!

The versatility of our smoke grenades makes them ideal for any event including:

    • Gender Reveals
    • Weddings
    • Airsoft Games
    • Concerts & Music Festivals
    • Sporting Events
    • Film and Photo Shoots
    • Art Installations
    • Outdoor Parties
    • and many many more