Show Time – 200 Shot

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Get ready for an exhilarating pyrotechnic showcase with our spectacular firework! Boasting an impressive 18 different effects, this dazzling display lasts over 2 minutes, ensuring a non-stop visual feast.

Watch in awe as Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple Comets streak across the sky, leaving a trail of excitement. The Crackling Tail Comet adds a thrilling touch, while Whistling Comets bring a dynamic element to the show. Marvel at the beauty of Gold Glittering Tailed Red Comets and the burst of Blue & Red Star Bursts.

The sky comes alive with Red Comets bursting into Golden Glitter, Silver Comets transforming into Silver Palms, and Red Comets exploding into a mesmerizing blend of Red, Green, and Blue Stars with Silver Glitter. Enjoy the whimsical display of Blue & Silver Bees and the breathtaking transformation of Comets into glittering hues.

The grand finale features Silver Comets with a Crackling Peony burst, creating a crescendo of light and sound. Concluding with Silver Comets accompanied by Time Rain, this firework promises a spectacular and unforgettable experience. Elevate your celebration with the magic of over 2 minutes of continuous, breathtaking effects that light up the night sky!