No Limits – 120 Shot

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Experience an endless display of excitement with a 120-shot compound barrage.

In the first part, watch as red comets burst into bright orange dahlias against vivid green strobes, green comets create waves with lilac peonies, and deep blue comets shower golden rain with blue pearls. The finale showcases bright silver flashing timed rain willow with deep red dahlias.

Transitioning to part two, enjoy red comets with silver strobes, green comets with stunning red willows, and a mix of red and green comets with golden brocade crown and blue pearls. The enchantment continues with green comets bursting into crackling willows.

Part three introduces a burst of lush red comets into crackling chrysanthemums with red dahlias, emerald comets creating wide bursts of purple and green dahlias with bright white strobes, blue comets spreading into king brocades with crackling, and silver comets bursting into flashing timed rain willow with green dahlias. It’s an awe-inspiring spectacle from beginning to end!