British Celebration – 292 Shot


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Experience the best of British celebrations with this extraordinary 4-part compound barrage.

In the first segment, marvel at 64 shots featuring crackling mines that burst into mesmerising purple and green stars accompanied by crackling.

Moving on to the second part, enjoy the brilliance of 62 shots with 25mm red strobe, followed by 64 shots of 25mm gold brocades adorned with red glitter. Delight in the display of gold strobe paired with gold strobe mines, and white strobe complemented by white strobe mines.

The third segment boasts a stunning 100 shots of 20mm whistling serpents, bursting into silver strobe crackling stars.

Finally, in the fourth part, witness the grand finale with 64 shots of 25mm gold brocade mines leading to bold brocades with red glitter. It’s a series of captivating scenes that celebrate the essence of British festivities in a spectacular display of pyrotechnic artistry!